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Here are some works I was lucky enough to make together with the very talented Marija Jacimovic

You can also read a good interview about our animation work here.


Like sipping on a good cup of green tea as if time stopped existing, this short is all about spending a beautiful day with good friends and enjoying its simple pleasures. The music is called "De Ushuaia a la Quiaca" and is played on the charango by Martin Lorie. Sit back and enjoy (with a good cup of green tea!).

Journalist and author, Jonah Lehrer, argues that brainstorming
produces less original ideas than those people who work by themselves. From Alex Osborn, the father of brainstorming, to Charlen Nemeth, Jonah explains why brainstorming just doesn't work.

Animated foods visualise a talk by food author and journalist Michael Pollan about the future potential of organic farming for our health and the health of the earth. This animation was originally created for the RSA/Nominet Trust Film competition, which it went on to win.

A day out cycling through beautiful landscapes where time has stopped and everything makes perfect sense.